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Make this rock wall rental the centerpiece of your event! With secure and colorful pins on every handhold, this rock wall will definitely attract a crowd. With both of our instructors' guidance, the only thing for users to focus on is climbing to the top and having fun. The rock climbing wall is suitable for most ages and includes repel harnesses to keep guests safe from a big fall. It is definitely a fun challenge with exciting elements and a safe way to achieve the peak experience that all climbers seek. From private birthday parties, corporate events, church festivals or school carnivals our rock wall rental is always a hit! Our most recent addition is the 4 Person Mobile Rock Wall rental and it is unlike anything you have seen in the Lone Star State! This dynamic climbing wall stands out due to its towering height and safety features on each track. This rock wall comes with four automatic belays to help climbers smoothly return back down the ground after competing with other climbers in a race to top!

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Portable Rock Wall Rental

Our 4 Person Mobile Rock Climbing Wall is one of the tallest in Texas. This monster of a rental will be the talk of any party it makes an appearance at! Let Cowboy Party Rentals take your event to the next level. Towering above the ground, our portable rock wall rental will make a great interactive attraction for any occasion. We provide 2 staff members to help guide participants on how to scale the wall while fastening them into protective climbing harnesses. Each climber is given specific instructions on how to safely scale the portable rock wall rental. The procedure on how to get repel down from the wall is also explained before we let the climber loose. We enjoy watching people of all ages scale to the top of the rock wall rental. Rock walls are great for large or small gatherings, allowing for available space, and are suitable for most ages and abilities with children ages 6 and up, teens and adults getting the most enjoyment from our interactive climbing station. We offer a 4 person (4 route) mobile rock wall rental with an auto-belay to allow ease of getting down and for safety. These days it seems like every great event that is talked about has an interactive rock wall rental, and for good reason! They are a ton of fun, draw in the crowd, and provide guests with an interactive adventure, that sometimes can be competitive. However, not much has changed with mobile rock wall rentals over the years, until now! Allow Cowboy Party Rentals to deliver a fun and inviting environment to your next event.

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4 Person Rock Wall

Our mobile rock wall rentals come completely staffed with our fun but qualified staff so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience. Call us today or click the button below and have one of our rock wall rentals delivered for your next event! Don't wait, book your rental while it is available!
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